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Mental Health Recovery Videos

These videos feature real, honest, and inspirational stories of mental heath recovery - all told by consumers or family members themselves. Once per month, viewers learn how a different person has defied the odds and thrived in spite of mental health challenges. They come from two series of videos: Faces of Hope and Resilience, and Stories of Recovery.

Producer: Rev. Barbara F. Meyers

To view a video, click on the name link below.

Recovery Videos

Rebekah Elowyn Rebekah Elowyn - Pastoral Counselor, mother
Linford Gayle Linford Gayle - Director of the Office of Consumer and Family Affairs in San Mateo
Jessica Hendricks Jessica Hendricks - Has overcome trauma and abuse
Sharon Kuehn Sharon Kuehn - Mental Health educator, advocate, manager, and consultant
Kathryn Lum Kathryn Lum - Math tutor, Recovery speaker
Jay Mahler Jay Mahler - Consumer Relations Manager, Alameda County Behavioral Care Services
Rev. Barbara Meyers Rev. Barbara Meyers - Minister, Author, Weaver, Video Producer
Lorenzo Quan Lorenzo Quan - Retired social worker and mental health worker
Christina Murphy Christina Murphy - Housing Specialist, Student
Peggy Rahman Peggy Rahman - Family Member, Teacher
Andree Reyes Andree Reyes - Mental Health Employment Liaison
Roberto Roman Roberto Roman - Mental Health Community Support Worker
Monique Tarver Monique Tarver - Minister, Mother
Brian Wetzel Brian Wetzel - Comedian, Speaker
Felicia Williams Felicia Williams - Family member, Healthcare provider
Andree Reyes NEW
CC Wynn - Mother, mental health worker, student
Sally Zinman Sally Zinman - Consumer/Survivor Activist

Here are some other on-line collections of stories told by consumers and family members:

Video Collections of Mental Health Stories

  • I Got Better: Collection of personal video stories from Mind Freedom International. Each story is how someone got better from mental and emotional distress.

  • Mental Health Minute: Facebook page by comedian Brian Wetzel with 1-minute videos with helpful takes on mental health topics. One video is recorded and uploaded each week.

  • Minds on the Edge: Facing Mental Illness: Stories from Fred Friendly seminar on mental illness.

  • Recovery Stories from The Douglas Mental Health Institute at the McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

  • Stories of Connection: A gallery of many video stories of military veterans who have struggled with mental health problems and gotten better.

  • Journey to Recovery: Collection of stories from the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore.

Non-Video Collections of Mental Health Stories

  • Connections: Recovery stories collected from South Carolina Department of Mental Health.

  • Recovery Spotlight: Recovery stories from Choices In Recovery about schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

  • Recovery Stories: National Empowerment Center's collection of stories. NEC helps organizing and developing consumer-run organizations, and helping transform the mental health service system toward a more recovery-oriented and consumer-and family-driven approach.

  • Recovery Stories: A collection of stories of recovery without psychiatric medications from from BeyondMeds.com.

  • Speakout: A collection of stories from Freedom Center, a support and activism communiy run by and for people labeled with severe mental disorders.

  • Stories of Recovery: Collection of recovery stories from Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation awards grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research on mental illness.

  • What a Difference a Friend Makes: Stories collected by SAMHSA during their campaign of the same name.

Faces of Hope and Resilience is a project of
The Life Reaching Across to Life Organization
3833 Peralta Blvd., Fremont, CA 94536
A member organization of
The Alameda County Network of Mental Health Clients
Alameda County Network of Mental Health Clients Inquiries: (510) 652-5891
Reaching Across Inquiries: 510-745-9500
Faces of Hope and Resilience Inquiries: com_minister at mpuuc.org

Stories of Recovery is a project of PEERS
Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services
333 Hegenberger Road, Suite 250, Oakland, CA 94621
General Inquiries: info at peersnet.org
Stories of Recovery Inquiries: mhm at peersnet.org


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